Sanoma and Partners Gather Information From Cookies

This page describes what kind of cookies are collected, what they are used for, what sites and technologies are involved and what setting are you able to manage. You may deny cookie use for targeting of advertising here.

What are cookies?

In order to provide high quality media content, cost is covered by subscriptions and advertising. In order for advertising to relevant to the user, we might target them from the data we collect. One way to collect data are cookies and similar identifications. A cookie is a small text file, which a browser saves to a end user device. Cookies contain unidentifiable, unique information with which we can calculate the unique users visiting our sites.

Cookies are browser specific. We do not see any identity specific information, such as a name, but only the path of your visit to our different pages. With this information we attempt to evaluate targeted advertising most relevant to you.

Sanoma uses cookies together with partners the following way:

  • Basic functionality: with cookies functionalities like sign-in, baskets and language settings
  • Traffic monitoring: to see how popular our sites are, how many browsers visit a specific page, or which part of a service is popular. A website might also recommend a page a user might be interested
  • User surveys or usability measurement and analysis: to build more usable websites and fix usability issues
  • Measurement of advertising effectiveness: to report effectiveness and results of advertising campaigns, and control the frequency that ad campaigns are shown
  • Targeting advertising: to show the user more relevant advertising. Together with cookies, location information is used to target location based adverting

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Partners and other third party vendors

Below you will see a list of our partners and third party vendors, with which we gather and use cookie based information stated above.

Sanoma is complying with IAB:n Transparency & Consent Framework, from which you may read specific information to where our partners use personal information.

Most relevant advertising Supply Side Technologies at this moment:

  • Appnexus
  • Freewheel
  • SalesForce DMP
  • Enreach
  • Glimr
  • Adform
  • Google DoubleClick

Tag management services used. Tags are used to send information to services, that cookie data is managed and stored.

  • Google Tag Manager
  • Tealium

Audience measurement, analytics, testing, content development and monitoring cookies, which guarantee optimal performance of websites also when cookies are disallowed.

  • comScore MMX
  • Google Analytics
  • Chartbeat
  • Sanoma Analytics Collector
  • Dynamic Yield

Social media cookies:

  • Facebook and other social media cookies. Sanoma uses their marketing- and targeting tools and functionalities that enable for example creation of a account, login and sharing of content

Third party advertising technologies (mainly advertising sales technologies):

    How can you manage cookie settings

    Supplying advertising, measurement and targeting based on cookies

    You may influence how Sanoma websites use cookie and similar identifies data for advertising and marketing targeting:

    We would like for advertising to be most meaningful for you.
    Information will be used for targeting advertising together with our partners.
    Regardless of denying targeted advertising, regular advertising will be shown, but they might not be as relevant as with targeting technologies.

    Remember that you may also manage your Sanoma-account profile, and marketing based on that in Oma Sanoma.

    Third party data settings can be managed through youronlinechoises.