Lead/Senior Data Analyst/Scientist (Consumer Media Business)

Sijainti: Helsinki
Hakuaika päättyy: 16.08.2020

(Senior) Data Analyst/Scientist (Consumer Media Business)

Do you want to make an impact on Finland’s biggest media brands with your analytical skills?  Transform the consumer data gathered from over 95% of Finns into actionable business decisions with advanced analytics? Help us in the digital transformation of the media industry, together with a great team of analysts, data scientists, and Sanoma Media Finland’s lively community of media professionals.

We are looking for a (Senior) Analyst / Data Scientist focusing on customer analytics in Sanoma Media Finland’s Consumer Sales and Customerships unit. Key analytical business concepts to master in this position include churn modelling, pricing analytics, omnichannel marketing, predictive online modeling, purchase propensity, marketing automation, media mix optimization, and expected profit. Our unit is heavily data and analytics driven, directly affecting the profitability and revenue of Sanoma.

Depending on your previous experience and current interests, you will have a chance to innovate and renew our current analytical workflows and processes, lead the analytics collaboration between the consumer sales and products such as HS, Aku Ankka, Ruutu, Aamulehti, Satakunnan Kansa etc., conduct exploratory analyses of online and offline data, and create analytical insights based on data to understand the customer. You can utilize all your analytical skills ranging from data mining, statistical analysis, econometrics and machine learning on various types of data (transactions, online events, demographical data etc.). We also allow a wide range of tools and environments to manipulate them (R, Python, DataBricks, SAS, Adobe, AWS etc.). This position also requires a genuine business understanding and capability to team work and influencing .


  • Transform, optimize, and support the operative consumer sales with data and analytics
  • Collaborate closely with sales and product teams, and support sales transformation
  • Support consumer sales with pricing analytics and tests
  • Develop churn modelling and testing to increase engagement
  • Develop and apply analytical tools to improve customer insight and drive profitability
  • Analyze and quantify the identified opportunities
  • Design and implement experiments to validate analyzes

Requirements for the job

  • Good practical data manipulation and statistical analysis skills, and reasonable theoretical background
  • Business acumen
  • Can-do attitude, good communication skills, team player, self-guided, project management abilities
  • Master’s thesis or higher in data science, computer science, econometrics or in other applicable field

This position offers a unique opportunity to work in an environment consisting of data from millions of consumers, collected from interactions with Sanoma Media Finland‘s wide selection of products including Helsingin Sanomat, Ilta-Sanomat, Ruutu and Nelonen tv, video-on-demand and radio, magazines like Tiede, Aku Ankka and many others, as well as digital services such as Huuto.net and Oikotie.

Interested? Fill out and submit your application at latest on 16th of August 2020. Please note that we are reviewing and interviewing applicants already during the application period.

For further information, please contact Janne Nikkilä, Director, Data and analytics, email: janne.nikkila@sanoma.com, linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/janne-nikkil%C3%A4-2b82761a/

Helsinki, Suomi

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